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Dr. Toth's Contributions


Dr. Toth has served as Senior Editor for Pain Medicine, World Journal of Diabetes, and Neuroscience and Medicine.


He has edited several books, including ones examining Neuropathic Pain.


Several chapters in textbooks and special collections concentrating on chronic pain and forms of neuropathy have also been published.


During his time at the University of Calgary, Dr. Toth was involved in several clinical trials and clinical studies centered on neuropathic pain, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathies, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Myasthenia Gravis and back pain.


Dr. Toth has been awarded teaching awards at multiple levels, including 12 consecutive Gold Star/Letter of Excellence awards from medical students. He has also been awarded Residency teaching awards and provincial teaching awards and honours in Alberta.


In 2012, Dr. Toth received the Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Award for his contributions to Chronic Pain management in Alberta.


During 2013, Dr. Toth also received the Clinical Excellence award from colleagues at the University of Calgary.


Dr. Toth's greatest honour is being able to serve as a Neurologist and provide the utmost in care for neurological patients.

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